Gina Kolata on The Colbert Report

Gina Kolata was the guest interview Stephen Colbert tonight.  Video of the interview can be found here.

If you don’t know her, Gina Kolata is a reporter for the New York Times, who’s taken a serious interest in fat. And unlike most of her colleagues in the press, she’s actually tried to push past the hysteria and moralizing.

Hers are among the few articles you can find on fat in the mainstream media where you actually learn something about the state of the science. And which don’t conclude with exhortations to diet or insinuations that fat people are lazy and ignorant. In fact she doesn’t think diets work. She’s written a new book “Rethinking Thin” which I plan to pick up as soon as I get a chance.

The interview went so-so, but Colbert gave her a chance to talk which was a relief. And it was also amazing to hear the following on national television:

 “We should rethink how thin a fat person can reasonably expect to get.”

“Fat people probably have more discipline than anybody else.”

“You can be happy. You can be healthy. You can look good. Maybe you can’t be arbitrarily skinny, but that doesn’t mean you’re unattractive.”


4 Responses to “Gina Kolata on The Colbert Report”

  1. kateharding Says:

    Oh, wow, I can’t wait for that book.

  2. Rene Says:

    It’s definitely the best thing I’ve seen on TV in ages. I was still uncomfortable by her interview in that she sort of squiggled around the weight loss thing and could appear to be supporting the adage diet doctors love — that 5% to 10% weight losss is important and it’s not necessary to get thin. It’s sad she still thinks dieting is okay. I wonder if she hit the dangers of dieting in her book, the financial/political interests selling it, etc.?

  3. Rachel Says:

    Damn, I missed it! I hope its on Youtube. Her book is sitting on my desk above my laptop.

  4. Toni Says:

    I checked out the book’s website ( ) and the video’s on the homepage. Sweet!

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