NYT Article on Leonard Nimoy’s Full Body Project

Susan Stinson picked up in her blog that the New York Times has an article on Leonard Nimoys’ “Full Body Project,” a series of stunning photographs of fat women, which is currently showing in Northampton, MA. If I get a chance I’m definitely going to trek over there to see it.

It’s a refreshing article, not only because it takes fat beauty and the politics of fat seriously, but also because it places his work in the context of the size acceptance movement, mentioning Heather McAllister and Big Fat Blog as well.

Like Susan, I wasn’t terribly happy with the way it dealt with the issue of sexual attraction. (‘It’s not a sexual thing, it’s a beauty thing!’) But I don’t think you could avoid the issue when you’re talking about pictures of nude fat women. At least not in our culture. I do wish the article had been more much more direct and thoughtful about it. After all, the tendency to snicker at the idea of sexual attraction to fat bodies as a deviant fetish is part of the politics of fat. 


One Response to “NYT Article on Leonard Nimoy’s Full Body Project”

  1. The Rotund Says:

    I think the emphasis on his lack of sexual attraction is a function of the article’s editors more than anything else. And so, yes, I do believe that the sexual attractiveness is a huge part of the politics of fat but I don’t think it is the only part, you know?

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