It has come to pass…

A few days ago, in my post about fat horses, I predicted it:

Any day now we’re going to be reading about obese songbirds. You know it and I know it. What with all those modern Western birdfeeders allowing them to sit around stuffing their lazy gluttonous beaks all day.

And, as if on cue, yesterday the AP reported on concerns about the wild parrots of Telegraph Hill in San Francisco (great movie, btw) being fed handouts by the locals.

Bird lovers have been grousing for months that red-masked parakeets in Telegraph Hill were getting fat and lazy as they gorged on sunflower seeds, bread and other human handouts.

Did I not call it? I want a cookie for this.

Look at that language, reporters just cannot help themselves.

As with the horses, I don’t doubt that there is an actual problem here. In fact I know parrots, and there is. It has to do with the hazards of a seed diet, malnutrition, taming and disease-spreading. But it has nothing to do with fat, lazy and gorging. They’re obviously confusing them with horses.

(To give credit where credit is due, Cynth pointed out first that she saw an article on fat pigeons recently. I have to go see if I can dig that up.)


5 Responses to “It has come to pass…”

  1. kateharding Says:

    You so get a cookie. And another for making me laugh out loud repeatedly. (“They’re obviously confusing them with horses.” Hee!)

  2. spinsterwitch Says:

    Strangely, it doesn’t stop them from flying around. I saw a group just a few weeks ago, winging their way past Lombard Street.

  3. The Rotund Says:



  4. fatfu Says:

    kate – Thanks for the cookie!

    spinster – They probably had to fly. I doubt their ankles can support their girth. If they really wanted to be healthy they’d stop gliding around and walk it off.

  5. Cynth Says:

    This isn’t the same article I read about fat pigeons, but it has a few of the same paragraphs

    sniplet goodness:

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