Fat hatred is serious

739409_edson_face2.jpgThis morning, after reading Kate Harding blog about it, I wandered over to the comment section of Shakesville’s post on Opie and Anthony, and my humor evaporated. 

Maybe they were just trolls,  but I saw — not for the first time– how seamlessly fat hatred merges with the most vicious and violently imagined misogyny. So much that in this case there isn’t even any sense in trying to pick them apart. 

Don’t feed the trolls, but if you’re ever tempted to laugh off fat hatred, have a look at those comments (in the last half). And don’t let anyone tell you that fat isn’t important.  

(I’m not going to take comments on this post since I want to kick this over to Kate Harding’s site, where she’s already started the conversation. Kate has also compiled a lot of these comments in her post, if you want to read them there.)

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