The Fatosphere: The Next Generation

Just wanted to say welcome to our two youngest bloggers in the fatosphere:  XXLA is a new blog by an 18-year-old high school senior exploring her thoughts on fat acceptance, and also making her the youngest blogger in the fatosphere (that I know of). fat feminism is written by a freshman at Amherst College, which, I assume, makes her the second youngest. Stop by their blogs and say hi!

In the, in a short essay I love, Rachel wonders what it would be like to go back in time and tell her younger self, “You’re beautiful – exactly as you are.” The sense of waste and lost time in her story makes me all the more pleased to know that at least two young women may not have to spend the years at war with their bodies that so many of us have.  

In other news in the fatosphere:

It’s MeMe Roth and more MeMe Roth.  She’s rapidly becoming the Ann Coulter of fat prejudice. She may even be crazier. I’d elaborate, but you can get updates on her condition all over the fatosphere today. From Red No. 3 to Big Fat Blog to The Rotund to Big Fat Deal to -hey! – fat feminism.


One Response to “The Fatosphere: The Next Generation”

  1. Earthencircle Says:

    Thank you for the heads up to the new bloggers. I am truly enjoying, learning and growing from the great community of bloggers we have out here. Of course that often leads to my being ‘more’ appauled ‘more’ offended and ‘more’ angry than I already am about many of the body acceptance and just plain humanist acceptance issues we have out in the world.

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