Notes from the Fatosphere

It’s hard to keep up with everything that’s going on in the fatosphere, so I decided to make an aggregate feed for myself to make things easier. And then I figured – why not add that aggregate feed to fat fu?

So in the right column of Fat Fu you’ll now see Notes from the Fatosphere – which will show you the 10 most recent posts in my aggregate feed. I haven’t finished setting up the aggregate, so there are a bunch of feeds still missing. And also I’ll be adding a second feed for fat fashion, so fashion blogs haven’t been included in this feed.

RSS Feed Link

If you want your feed added to either list, or want it taken off – drop me an email:

Update: If anyone wants to add this feed directly to their site – feel free. But make sure to use the Feedburner Feed. WordPress is buggy and can’t read Yahoo Pipes feeds directly. 

Second Update: Anyone who has a blog that is not primarily fat-related, but wants their fat-related posts included in the Notes feed, I can filter most feeds by tag or category, so we can set it up to pull out just those posts you think should be in the Notes. Drop me an email to let me know.

And the third update: The Feed seems to be having issues with not updating some blog feeds – I’m going to be sorting it out this evening.

20 Responses to “Notes from the Fatosphere”

  1. Lindsay Says:


    I am both flattered and amused to see a familiar blog on there. Heh. What a great idea! 😀

  2. kateharding Says:

    I love this idea! What feed aggregator did you use? I use google reader but can’t figure out how to pull that into my blog.

  3. kateharding Says:

    Duh, clicked on the title and answered my own question.

  4. fatfu Says:

    Kate – Yeah I used Yahoo Pipes which is a lot of fun and very powerful for mashing feeds. The pain is WordPress can’t read Yahoo Pipes, so my solution was to thread the feed through Feedburner, and have WordPress read the Feedburner feed.

  5. Susan Stinson Says:

    Wow. That’s amazing. I’m always looking for good places to refer folks to when I speak or teach, and Notes from the Fatosphere is so nice and comprehensive…

  6. kateharding Says:

    Okay, just saw the post about this on BFB, and now I’m gonna add the feed. Once again, thanks so much for doing this!

  7. Charlotte Cooper Says:

    This is excellent. Thank you.

  8. sheana Says:

    Ahoy, what a fabulous idea! I just noticed Seeworthy has been included on the feed, but I wanted to give a heads-up that it’s not exclusively fat content – I went back and added those all to the category “fat” if that’s helpful at all, and I’ll be sure to add everything to the “fat” category in the future.

    Thanks for all your hard work – this is fantastic! As soon as I can figure out how to add the feed to my sidebar, I’ll def. include it. 🙂

  9. The Angry Belly Says:

    Wow! Thanks a lot for creating this feed. My blog is fairly new, but this is a perfect edition.

  10. The Rotund Says:

    This idea is truly awesome.

    And I really appreciate that you have included The Rotund!

    Is the feed available on livejournal? I’m not sure how that would be set up, but it would make my online life SO much easier.

  11. fatfu Says:

    Of course I included the Rotund feed!

    I’m working on syndicating this for a livejournal feed, but there’s a glitch with Yahoo Pipes (still being basically in beta) that the way Livejournal sorts feeds creates a blank page. I think I know exactly what the bug is and I’m trying to find a way to work around this right now – or failing that maybe I can harrass the Yahoo Developers to fix their bad code.

    But yah I really want this on Livejournal too.

  12. fatfu Says:

    I just checked and it looks like the bug is fixed!

    Here’s the syndicated feed:

  13. mo pie Says:

    Wow, this is definitely awesome. I will have to spend some time figuring out how to add it to my blog. Because… yeah!

  14. BStu Says:

    The feed doesn’t seem to be updating my blog feed. Is there anything on my end that might be causing that problem? I’m new to the world of “feeds” so I’m not really familiar with how they work.

  15. fatfu Says:


    Thanks for being alert to that. I checked and I think the problem is with your RSS feed. Some of the information from your two most recent posts is getting on the feed, but it doesn’t seem to be parsing – I tried it on my Firefox Wizz Reader and on Google Reader and they don’t read those two newest posts either.

    I’m going to see if I can figure out what’s wrong with your feed tonight when I have more time, or if there’s another version I can use – you may have an atom feed I can find the link for. For the moment I had to take your feed entirely off since when I edited it and replaced it, Pipes started giving me a hard time about having it on at all, so that’s another issue. It’s weird because the other blogspot blogs are doing fine, but these feeds can be tempermental so we’ll see.

  16. BStu Says:

    Yeah, I was thinking it might be a blogspot hiccup until I noticed some other ones updating. I’m having a couple of problems, but I’m not sure if they are related. Not sure if this helps, but I think my Atom Feed is at:

    The RSS feed is at:

  17. BStu Says:

    Whatever was done, thanks!

  18. La di Da Says:

    Damn. Now the feed doesn’t like my RSS. (Or alternately, WP has done something silly.) oughta be it.

  19. fatfu Says:

    La Di Da – your feed seems to be working OK now anyway. There is a longish delay before new posts shows up, since the feed is threaded through several feed readers which ping their source feeds at different rates. WordPress sometimes takes a very longtime before it updates its own feeds too, I notice.

  20. Taking the leap at BABble Says:

    […] an exclusive club, but rather a safe place to foster a sense of community. If you’re on the Notes from the Fatosphere feed or the RSS Links page, you’d automatically be invited. If you have a blog not listed on […]

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