Welcome Meows(z)er!

Many of you know Meowzer as that kickass commenter you wish had her own fat blog, because of her flawless instincts which cut straight to the heart of the matter – with wit, precision and passion. She’s an amazing writer, so I was bowled over with glee when she agreed to write for fat fu now and then.  

Below you’ll find her post on Fat Girl Speaks and how it sparked the Meowser revolution.  A revolution I, for one, am seriously looking forward to hearing more about.

Unfortunately Meowzer lost her “z” in the WordPress registration process and henceforth she’ll be Meowser. For now we’ll overlook the impudence of the Meowzer pretender who stole her rightful name.

4 Responses to “Welcome Meows(z)er!”

  1. kateharding Says:

    I’ve definitely been wish Meow(z)ser had her own fat blog! Yay for this!

  2. kateharding Says:

    Duh, wishing. First cup of coffee.

  3. Kate217 Says:

    What Kate H said.

  4. Meowser Says:

    Thanks so much, y’all!

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