Open Fat Thread

If anybody feels the urge, use this space for shameless self-promotion, interesting links you’ve found, fat rants, fat raves, questions, complaints, Deep Thoughts, grocery lists, or just to say “hi Mom!” (Not that your Mom is reading this, but you never know.)  

In the meantime, if you haven’t run across them already:

  • The brilliant Kate Harding (of Shapely Prose), is now a contributor at Shakesville. I was grinning all day when I heard this. Check out her rapidly growing body of work
  • Bored with scrolling through pages of tedious and repetitive fat hatred in your threads?  Wish you had a nickel for every time you’ve been lectured on thermodynamics by someone who can’t spell the word? Red No. 3 has your answer: Fat Hate Bingo.
  • So you think you should boycott So You Think You Can Dance? You’re right, and Rachel of the The f-word tells us why.
  • BABble found an oh-so-timely article on the dangers of food-restriction in kids. In the mainstream press even.

4 Responses to “Open Fat Thread”

  1. kateharding Says:

    Are you calling my body of work fat? 🙂

  2. fatfu Says:

    Now that you mention it. 🙂

  3. kateharding Says:

    Love the headless fat chick icon. Oh, and I’ve got two I’m thinking of posting about if my head doesn’t explode first.

    1 is Sandy’s post about the people who starved their children to death in one case and nearly to death in a few others — and the idiot journalist who tried to argue that really, it was a “healthier diet” than the average American kids’ in a lot of ways, because it was low-cal, low-fat. Also? LOW FOOD. Jesus.

    2 is “Diabulimia.” I don’t even know where to begin.

  4. Rio Iriri Says:

    Shameless self promotion here; just posting a link to my blog:


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