Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)

…then this came along and cheered me right up: 

(via Every Woman Has an Eating Disorder)


11 Responses to “Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)”

  1. Sparkle Pants Says:

    Is it sad that watching this made me tear up? I think it was in a good way..

  2. fatfu Says:

    The tears I understand. This is the exact opposite of so much…

  3. GirlNamedCarl Says:

    Who sings this? Vocally, it sounds like Robbie Williams, but he prefers ectomorphic models (and has his own eating disorder issues).

  4. PastaQueen Says:

    It’s by Mika. The first couple times I heard the album I could only listen to about 2 or 3 songs at a time because it’s got a lot of sugary pop on it. But I guess I built up a tolerance because it spent about a week in my car’s CD player.

  5. CJ Porter Says:

    Okay, made me cry too. I love Mika and have been listening to his album since it came out. I was waiting for a “Big Girl” video and hadn’t seen it yet.

    He said he wrote the song after seeing a special on late night television that included a bit about size acceptance and the Butterfly Lounge, the first ever size acceptance night club located in California. He said he thought that these beautiful women needed an anthem and he wrote the song that night. (I saw him in an interview where they asked specifically about the song.)

  6. Curvaceous Dee Says:

    That was marvellous – and my respect for Mika has just shot through the roof!

    Thank you so much for sharing it with us 🙂

    xx Dee

  7. spinsterwitch Says:

    How lovely that is. And it’s true.

  8. sheana Says:

    Hm. There are a LOT of problems with this song, and I’d really like someone to delve into the politics of a skinny gay guy writing a song about heterosexual fat women.

    That said, the video isn’t nearly as bad as I expected it to be – in fact, if you can ignore the more offensive lyrics it’s almost nice. At least he didn’t show a bunch of fat chicks eating pizza and drinking diet coke. I was expecting the video to be just a visual reenactment of his song.

  9. fatfu Says:

    Sheana – Yeah I pondered the dynamic – is he being condescending? Then I decided I’d let it pass that he didn’t turn himself into a fat straight woman before doing it, and I decided that he was sincere. Especially after I heard the backstory about the Butterfly Lounge documentary I figured it he just responded to the subversiveness of fat sexuality and fat acceptance.

    Yeah I guess it’s a bit condescending, and there are some truly incorrect lyrics – multiply her by four and all that. I read the diet coke and a pizza as eating without shame – but I can see how you can read that as the classic “oh fat people drink diet coke while stuffing their faces with pizza hahahah”.

    But I’m not going to read it that way and I’m going to choose to love it anyway. Maybe because I saw the video first. It has some *great* moments – especially the “what the hell?” closeups of onlookers at the beginning and that one shot of the woman in the hijab smiling (there’s a loaded shot). And just the overall pride parade feel of it cracked me up.

  10. J.S. Says:

    I bought the song from itunes and was disappointed that it opens with the sound of a straw slurping at the bottom of a drink. Is it supposed to be Diet Coke? Even if so, it hearkens back to the idea that big women are insatiable eaters/drinkers. But then again, the overall effect of the song still seems to be positive enough that I’m going to try to ignore this and enjoy the catchy melody and the albeit clumsy attempt at a size positive message.

  11. Sophie Says:

    Reminds me of Fat Bottomed Girls for some reason. Fun song.

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