Yet Another Notes Update…

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I’m still using the temporary feed at Google Reader, and working on getting the Yahoo Pipes up and running again reliably (if possible). 

What that means is that for the moment, feeds can’t be filtered, and the Livejournal feeds had to be removed (since Google Reader doesn’t seem to be sorting them correctly) – apologies to those of you blogging with Livejournal. It also means I can’t include the blog title in the link, which I was partial too.

But I’m hoping to get at least some of these issues resolved this weekend. Obviously I’m still working on it, but do let me know if your posts aren’t showing up if you think they should be. It helps me to keep track of what still needs fixing.

Notes Update – Part 3

OK, Yahoo is being a petulent child at the moment, and it’s going to take some work to fix it. Meantime Lindsay at BABble has a FA test feed using Google Reader that I’m borrowing to fill in for the fatosphere feed until I can either beat Yahoo Pipes into submission or find another solution.

Will keep you updated.

Notes from the Fatosphere Update 2

Thanks for those of you who let me know the Notes was down.  I’ve fixed it enough to be working again, and hopefully WordPress will figure that out eventually. But the temp fix required me to take out a few feeds until I figure out what’s going on:

  • The Fat Lady Sings
  • Input Junkie
  • Fat Feminism
  • Tiger of Size Acceptance
  • Hot’n’Heavy
  • BABble

BABble and the livejournal feeds in particular don’t seem to play well with Yahoo, so I’ll be putting these back in ASAP, but I have to find a way to do that without crashing the pipe.  Give me a little time, I’ll figure it out 😛