Notes from the Fatosphere Update 2

Thanks for those of you who let me know the Notes was down.  I’ve fixed it enough to be working again, and hopefully WordPress will figure that out eventually. But the temp fix required me to take out a few feeds until I figure out what’s going on:

  • The Fat Lady Sings
  • Input Junkie
  • Fat Feminism
  • Tiger of Size Acceptance
  • Hot’n’Heavy
  • BABble

BABble and the livejournal feeds in particular don’t seem to play well with Yahoo, so I’ll be putting these back in ASAP, but I have to find a way to do that without crashing the pipe.  Give me a little time, I’ll figure it out 😛


7 Responses to “Notes from the Fatosphere Update 2”

  1. Corinna Says:

    Dear Fat Fu,

    I used to be on the Fatosphere Feed but I think I’m not anymore…boo hoo!

    Would you please check? I want to play in the sandbox too. 🙂



  2. fatfu Says:

    Corinna you’re on the feed again. Play away 🙂

  3. vesta44 Says:

    fatfu, I’ve been having trouble with my links when I use HTML in my post, so have gone to using the blogspot thing of the title of the post is the link to the article about which I’m posting. Not a problem if someone comes to my blog directly, but when they hit the title of my post in your feed, it takes them to the article, not to my blog. Am I doing something wrong? Like, do I need to take that link space out from under the title and then the HTML link to the article will work in the post? I’m still learning and don’t have much of a clue about HTML and how to get it to work, so am having lots of fun trying to figure it out.

  4. vesta44 Says:

    I think I figured it out, and should be linking to my blog now, not the article I’m posting about. I need to find HTML For Dummies, I think.

  5. fatfu Says:

    Yeah, I’m no HTML genius either and I wasn’t sure what happened with your feed, but I’m glad you found a solution. Unfortunately until I can switch back to Yahoo Pipes I don’t have any control over how Google Reader parses your feed – in fact, I can’t even see what’s happening – all I can do is add or remove the whole feed. Yahoo Pipes allowed me to manipulate fields and do a lot of debugging on my end, which is why I want to go back to it when I can. The virtue of Google Reader is that it never crashes, whereas Yahoo is a crash-monkey, especially lately.

  6. fashionablenerd Says:

    Hi! I’m new and I want to play in the sandbox with everyone else. 😀 Could you please add me? Thanks!

  7. Ursula Says:

    FYI, Constance took down her Hot n’ Heavy blog, which is why you’re not getting it on your feed anymore. Yeah, I miss her blog; she was always astonishingly wide open with her writing, not to mention entertaining.

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