Yet Another Notes Update…

fatfu-48.jpg posted by fatfu

I’m still using the temporary feed at Google Reader, and working on getting the Yahoo Pipes up and running again reliably (if possible). 

What that means is that for the moment, feeds can’t be filtered, and the Livejournal feeds had to be removed (since Google Reader doesn’t seem to be sorting them correctly) – apologies to those of you blogging with Livejournal. It also means I can’t include the blog title in the link, which I was partial too.

But I’m hoping to get at least some of these issues resolved this weekend. Obviously I’m still working on it, but do let me know if your posts aren’t showing up if you think they should be. It helps me to keep track of what still needs fixing.


4 Responses to “Yet Another Notes Update…”

  1. Fat Gal Says:

    I was wondering if my blog was still on the Notes feed?

  2. Fat Gal Says:

    Ignore me, it is still on the feed. : )

  3. Harriet Says:

    Hmmm. I posted azt 7:30 this morning and my post still hasn’t shown up on the feed (it’s 3 pm). Am I off the feed?


  4. Shannon Says:

    I think mine is still broken. I’m not sure. My tags have been acting up so that might be it. Technology does not win today.

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