I’m It, Only A Week Late

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Sorry, Rachel, I didn’t actually see this until now. If you’d posted it at your usual digs, I might’ve seen it sooner. Oh well. Harrumph and all that, here goes:

1) Until the New York Mets broke my heart this year by having the worst last-minute collapse of any major league baseball team in modern history (curse you, Tom Glavine), I considered myself a diehard Mets fan. I even started a Mets blog, called Metsie! Metsie! (named after something the Mets’ very first manager, Casey Stengel, said in an interview in 1963) which I kept going for a few months this year. It’s possible I’ll be able to watch another Mets game ever again without developing a weeping rash. It’s even possible I’ll enjoy it (the game, not the weeping rash). Ask me again in May.

2) I was turned on to size acceptance by Carol Johnson’s book, Self-Esteem Comes in All Sizes. I found this book because my shrink at the time wanted me to read a book about building self-esteem, since she thought I’d live longer if I actually had some. She didn’t recommend any specific book, but this was the one that jumped into my hands. As I read it, I had the “OMG” response — “you mean everyone else has been lying to me?” Johnson’s book was first published in 1995. “We” haven’t come a long way, baby. But I have.

3) In my 20s, taking my cue from Barbara De Angelis (yeah, I ate, shat and breathed self-help books back then, so sue me), I made a list of qualities I’d like in a life partner and starred the five most essential ones. One of the things I starred was, “Must think Bullwinkle and Monty Python are funny.” I revised my list many times, but this “star” remained constant. And yeah, C. does think they’re funny.

4) When I was about 6 or 7 years old, my mother had this friend who had a chord organ in her basement. Cheap plastic POS with chord buttons on the right (my “bad” side) and a keyboard on the left (my “good” side). I’d go down to the basement while Mom and her friend chitchatted and bang away using the songbook as a guide. They had to drag me away from that thing. I wanted one just like it. I was told that that instrument wasn’t good enough, that it was a cheap POS and that if I wanted to play I should have something “real,” like a piano. So they got me a real piano and some stodgy lessons from some rock-hating old lady down the street. It was stupefying. It took me years before I’d touch a keyboard again. Let this be a lesson to you, parents: If the instrument your kid really wants to play is a cheap POS, be grateful that you can get off so inexpensively for now, and get it for them anyway. Or at least get them lessons from a teacher who doesn’t hate the music your kid loves.

5) I never drank coffee until I moved to the Northwest 4 years ago. Until then, I was strictly a tea person. I still love tea. But thanks to the neverending cloud cover and piddling rain here, I must have more serious caffeine to wake up.

6) THERE IS NO FACT #6! (Sorry, but somebody had to, and it might as well come from someone who was watching Python during the original run.)

7) I have lived in or near all of the following cities: New York, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, Anaheim, Bakersfield (no, really), Phoenix, San Francisco, Seattle, and now Portland. And the last six were all within the last ten years. Still think fat chicks are lazy?

If you are reading this, consider yourself tagged.  Unless you don’t want to be.

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One Response to “I’m It, Only A Week Late”

  1. Shannon Says:

    Heee the PNW converted you didn’t it? Are you a coffee snob yet? I bet it will happen. 🙂

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