Bellies Are Beautiful Bleg

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Fat Girl Speaks founder Stacy Bias has a brand new project,, in which she encourages one and all to submit pictures of their bellies (face optional, but please make it PG-13), so we can show the world just how beautiful ALL bellies can be! W00t!

And she has asked those of us on the FatPDX mailing list to spread the word that she is organizing an upcoming Portland event to take lots of belly photos at once, and her main need right now (besides belly pictures from anyone anywhere who wants to submit them) is the money to make that event happen, even if it comes in micro-donations. Here is Stacy’s press release for the project: is throwing a BELLY UP event in June or July.

Four professional photographers have volunteered their time and talents to spend a day with BAB photographing your fabulous bellies for the website. All bellies of all shapes, sizes, genders, ethnicities and ages will be welcome (though underage bellies may be barred depending on venue).

There will be 4 fun photo stations (body paints to write messages on your bellies, zebra backdrop, suspenders, and feather boas for the glam sect, a mattress with pillows and fabrics of all kinds for the sensualists and an elegant b/w station for the folks who like to keep it simple!) as well as a DJ, dancing and cocktails!

I want, however, to make this event free. I know how hard it is for folks to summon up the nerve to be semi-nekked in front of a camera, so I don’t want any additional deterrents.

So I’m asking for folks to donate to the cause in advance to help me secure the venue, the props, and possibly a collection for the photographers.

Everyone who donates $5 or more will receive an “I Bellied Up at BelliesAreBeautiful.Com” Patch promptly in the mail. 🙂

Please go here to donate and see the patch:

and thank you, in advance, for your generosity!!

I am so looking forward to this! Stacy is definitely encouraging people in other cities to hold BAB picture-taking parties and events also, so if this sounds like your kind of happening and you live elsewhere, please let her know via the BAB site that you’re planning on putting something together, whether it’s as big as this or as small as two or three friends in a living room with a digital camera, or anything in between.


2 Responses to “Bellies Are Beautiful Bleg”

  1. Becky Says:

    Oh, that made me tear up a little. I see all those beautiful pictures and feel like…. I’m okay. The way I look is okay.

  2. Johnny Harjo Says:

    To the gal who gave herself the moniker:Boobs a Lot,Noobs a Lot-you just should never be ashamed of the beautiful way God made you,believe me,he knew what he was doing,and he (God) never makes mistakes.I’ll pray that you have a better look at yourself,and appreciate the wonderful woman you are-and before I forget the person you we’re trying to type out was Lane Bryant. Love from you Brother In Christ,Johnny Harjo

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