Kids These Days

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Two small, otherwise unnoticed posts on YouTube. Both from today. Nothing earth-shattering, but they got my attention. I thought I’d share. 

Fat-bashing from the inside of the car:  

OK, it’s ableist, but even so. Can somebody give this girl a scholarship or something?   


9 Responses to “Kids These Days”

  1. spacedcowgirl Says:

    The geniuses in the first video felt the need to RECORD themselves doing that? How pathetic. Who does that?!

    Luckily, the second one made me feel much better. I love how she stares at us with the “you’re fine.” As if she will brook no argument on the subject and really can’t be bothered to hear your arguments to the contrary. Love it.

  2. nuckingfutz Says:

    You know, it’s kids like that first one that make me fear for the kind of society my children are going to have to deal with as they grow up.

    But it’s kids like that second one that make me slightly less afraid.

  3. elfinugget Says:

    hmmm….. I think I went to school with all the occupants in that car.

    I wish I’d gone to school with the girl in the second video.

    “You’re fine, you don’t have to go obsess about it”…. sweet.

  4. wellroundedtype2 Says:

    I found myself thinking about the first video today after viewing it last night, and the conclusion I came to was that the next time I’m yelled at from a car, I have to remember what I now know about the occupants of the car, and how sad their lives are. So it’s sort of a public service, really, to know what goes on inside the car that contains the a-holes.

  5. April Says:

    It’s scary to think that they thought they were cool and funny.

    I can remember as an overweight child being the brunt of bad jokes. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

    A lot of this could have been stopped by parents that taught their kids how to respect other’s feelings.

    I just come across your blog today, and what a great blog!

  6. stungunbilly Says:

    And all I can think about in the first vid is “hey, put the camera back on the awesome fat woman on a bike! She looks so badass!”

  7. Kieriel Says:

    WTF. Seriously… the girls in that first video should be taken out back and shot. The gene pool screams out for “chlorine”. How rude can you get, jeez. Their behavior may be sad and pathetic, and they probably all really hate themselves, but really. Chloriiiiiiine…

    The sad thing is, the second girl probably is in school with a bunch of girls like the first set. And tormented by them. At least she seems to have a good head on her shoulders. That does give me some hope.

  8. gnomeprincess Says:

    I wish it didn’t matter if you were healthy. I mean that’s weird to say, but who’s business is it what I do with my body? Maybe I eat well but don’t exercise enough. Or exercise all the time but eat “poorly”. Or maybe I am moderate with both (This is the real case. I don’t work out per se but I go on walks fairly often with the dogs. I eat lots of “bad” and lots of “good” foods, perhaps a bit too much but I don’t really binge. I eat pretty much the same as my 150lb boyfriend except I hate ketchup and onions and he doesn’t hehe)

    Why does that matter so much to people who don’t know me? I’m really glad she doesn’t think it matters what size you are, I just wish it didn’t matter how much you were acting like you are trying to be thin. Nobody says a word to people who eat bad and don’t exercise that aren’t overweight. blah.

  9. pantrypuff Says:

    Love that second little girl. It makes me so happy to know there are good kids out there like that.

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