Paul Campos, You Rule So Fucking Hard

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Greetings. I do have a couple of “real posts” in the works, but in the meantime I want to make great gushies over the fact that Paul Campos is now blogging at Lawyers, Guns and Money, and he has a couple of posts up there where he takes on the Obesity Epi-Panic in his usual inimimimimitable fashion, and takes on the concerntroll blabatariat one on one too. Wewt!

From Monday’s post called Obesity Apocalypse:

The most laughable is the idea that by 2048 everybody in the US will be “overweight” or “obese.” This result was derived via statistical extrapolation, the crack cocaine of social science analysis (by similar methods one could prove that within a few generations Olympic sprinters will be running at speeds that will hurl them into low Earth orbit and everyone in America will have a plasma TV seventeen miles wide).


And at no extra charge, he breaks down NHANES III data on BMI and mortality to demonstrate yet again that people are freaking out over nothing; based on BMI at entry into the survey (not BMI at time of death) the lowest rates of excess mortality are in the “overweight” range of 25-29.9; the second lowest are in the “obesity I” range of 30-34.9 (oh yes they are!); the third lowest are in the so-called “normal” range of 18.5-24.9 that we’re all supposed to be killing ourselves trying to reach if we’re over it; and the “underweight” range, which includes most of the models and actresses who have that Glow of Good Health we’re instructed to envy the living shit outta, has THREE TIMES the excess mortality of people in the supposed Instant Fatty Death BMI range of 35+. Not, of course, that most of us can consciously do jackshit about any of it regardless of where our BMI lives, but there ya go.

Like they say, read the whole thing. And read this whole thing too; in “The Real Drug War,” Campos discusses the drug companies’ role in whipping up more Fat Panic in order to sell more pills, and how they’re starting in on the kids now that they’ve saturated the market for adults.

More Campos means more happy! Go get ’em, Paul!