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Hey everybody, a few notes:

As you may or may not know, I am not the founder of this blog. Fat Fu (who also maintains the Fatosphere feed) founded it, and she also created the blogroll here, which I haven’t touched since I came on board in May 2007. I’m thinking about either adding a separate blogroll for me of stuff (not necessarily fat-related) that’s not in there now that I read, or incorporating it into the existing blogroll.

I’m sure there are blogs on the roll that no longer exist, but I’ve been way too distractible to actually surf them one by one and eliminate the dead links. So if one of those dead blog URLs is yours and you’d like me to take the link off and/or substitute a new one, please let me know.

(Fu maintains the Fatosphere feed separately, BTW; I don’t have access to it.)

Also, I know I’ve been a slow-ass about getting things out of moderation. I do apologize, and I will be staying more on top of it from now on. If you think you’ve wound up in the spamtrap by mistake, you can feel free to email me.

First-time posters automatically go into moderation, as do posts with more than one hyperlink. Also know that you can wind up in the spamtrap if your IP address renews without your knowing it; it might not be anything in the post itself that kicked you into moderation. Also, changing your email address might trigger a mod.

If I’ve commented on your blog recently and it’s not on the roll or on the Fatosphere feed, you can automatically assume it will be added in the next blogroll update, unless you request otherwise. If this applies to you and you don’t see your blog there after I announce the update, feel free to poke me with your electronic fingers.

Real post to follow shortly.

(and yes, feel free to use this as a blogwhoring thread)


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