I Caught a Troll! I Caught a Troll! I Caught My Very Own Troll!

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OK, normally I send posts like this straight to spamville. (Not that I get very many, but still.) But just because I’m in a blasting-plastic-fish-in-a-barrel kinda mood, I thought I’d offer this particular one up for your moldy-pea shooters. Disputing my claim that choosing the fries over the salad was hardly going to make a difference of 100 pounds to anyone all by itself, our troll, thinking I’m fat just because nobody ever bothered to teach me calorie voodoo math before I hit junior high (thereby proving that sie has not read ANYTHING else I’ve posted here), schools me thusly:

-Choosing the fries over a salad CAN mean 100 pounds or more. If you consistently choose fries over salad thats a daily dose of grease, cholesterol, starch….fries provide very fattening calories…not to mention if you consistently chose salad you would be getting a daily dose of complex carbohydrates, vitamins and other nutrients with considerably less calories (that is if you are eating a salad with a modest amount of dressing, not a soup). Do a little experiment and purchase a couple of rats. Keep one of them on a regular diet of water, fruits, nuts and vegetables. Keep the other on a regular diet of processed foods (soda, chips, fries, burgers, cookies). It will not take long to see the physical differences that diet effects. You could probably even switch the diets of the rats and and see the effects follow the diets. You will quickly find it is within everyones genetic range to weigh a lot.

Sure, people have the genetic capacity to grow large, obviously or it wouldn’t happen. However, claiming that fat is not a matter of choice but a matter of genetics is absurd. Consider the following example:

There are x amount of cigarette smokers with lung cancer. They have developed lung cancer because it is within their genetic capacity to do so.

Wooookay. One of these days I’m gonna do a whole “why fat isn’t like smoking” post, but let’s take the lung cancer part first, just because it’s so tickly. Yes, it’s true, some people are genetically far more predisposed to forming metastatic cells in their bodies at a relatively young age than others, regardless of environmental factors. That’s probably why very few smokers actually die of primary lung cancer, even though the vast majority of people who get primary lung cancer were heavy smokers at one time. See the difference? It’s statistically impossible for 97% of smokers to die of lung cancer. Don’t some of them die in car wrecks or fighting wars or something? It’s far more common for smokers who continue to smoke heavily for decades and die of natural causes to contract COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), which leads to respiratory failure and emphysema. In fact, it’s about, oh, eighty times more common than lung cancer, and other than in a few cases where there’s a congenital alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency, is caused almost entirely by chronic exposure to serious pulmotoxins (of which cigarette smoke is one). And while you certainly need a genetic tendency to enjoy tobacco (or at least not have a complete aversion to it) to take up smoking, and genetics can certainly affect one’s ability to quit, starting smoking is completely voluntary (even figuring in that it usually happens in one’s teens, when feelings of immortality tend to peak). Becoming fat is not nearly so voluntary for most fat people. You can get really fucking fat doing everything your doctor tells you to do. I did.

Which brings me to They Who Have Come To Enlighten Me’s first point. Which is that if rats eat fries instead of salad, they’ll gain 100 pounds. Or something like that. Leaving aside that TWHCTEM obviously has never met anyone with a hummingbird metabolism, much less lived with someone like that and observed on a daily basis what they actually eat, let’s explore what “fries versus salad” actually means to most people. No, it doesn’t mean you eat a large order of fries (or hashbrowns, or the equivalent) with every meal, every single day, on top of everything else on your plate. I don’t know of anyone who has ever done that; even binge eaters usually want more variety than that. Maybe some movie star did that to (temporarily) gain weight to play a fat character, I don’t know.

But most of us who are not trying to gain weight, we don’t do that. What we do is, once, maybe twice a week when we eat fast food or go out, get fries on the side. (Yes, I know some people are much more frequent fast food consumers, but most people past college age don’t have fries 10 times a week.) How many more calories is that than a salad? Well, it depends. If your idea of a “salad” is all non-starchy vegetables and no (or the merest hint of) dressing, croutons, nuts, or anything else, and your idea of an order of fries is enough to build a hut with, probably a lot. Although still not enough to make a 100-pound difference in body weight without way more help from your metabolism than most of us get. But consider, if you will, that most of us are going to eat maybe 10 to 30 fries at a sitting, depending on size of said fries, and that ordering a plain, dull salad will almost certainly mean we will be hungrier later and crave a snack — come on, if you’ve ever dieted, you’ve been there. “I’m being soooo good! I’m eating a big bowl of veggies! Yay me! And boo all the fry-snarfing pigs!” And then — maybe not the same day, but surely someday very soon — appetite wins out over the dieter’s high, and before you know it you’re putting Chunky Monkey up your nose. (Ow.)

This is what happens when you give people plenty of food and free will to feed themselves how they choose. We value those things, do we not? You’re not really suggesting that we get put in…um…cages and have our captors feed us when they decide we’re hungry instead of us, right? And really, if the idea of people eating McDonald’s for lunch every day bothers you that much, if you really do think it’s any of your goddamn business, open a damn fruit stand in a poor neighborhood or some other produce desert and give them an alternative. But spare me the finger-rubbing smugness. Geez.

Okay, I’m done. Your turn.


46 Responses to “I Caught a Troll! I Caught a Troll! I Caught My Very Own Troll!”

  1. vesta44 Says:

    Yeah, I had this same conversation with my doctor, who insists that it’s calories in – more calories out = weight loss for everyone. When I asked her why that didn’t apply to thin people who can eat 5,000 calories a day while sitting on their asses all day, every day and never gain a pound – well, she didn’t have an answer (I think she thinks those people don’t exist). So yeah, ThoseWhoHaveComeToEnlightenUs, we’ve heard it all before, innumerable times, we have a fuckton of more experience with diets and their results than you’ll ever have in several lifetimes, and it all comes to down to the fact that you really don’t know as much as you think you do. You’re a bigot and a fat-phobe and you really need to STFU until you’ve walked several thousand miles in our shoes.

  2. Fantine Says:

    Well, for pete’s sake, are you telling us that eating fries at every meal is BAD for you? Why didn’t anyone ever tell me that before? Here I’ve been eating a giant pile of deep fried starch at every single meal, thinking it would make me thin and svelte! OMG, that’s like when I tried the milkshake diet and no one told me the shakes aren’t supposed to be made with ice cream! *headdesk*

    It sure is a good thing we stupid fatties have such smart thin people to tell us how our bodies work, isn’t it? Otherwise we’d never know that diets really do work, because we’re too lazy to actually do any research. Or, you know, too dumb to observe how our own bodies actually react to the food we eat and the activities we do.

  3. Vidya Says:

    I laughed out loud at the ‘rat comparison’ example (um, except for the part about feeding one of them soda — carbonated drinks will kill rodents!)
    I had a pair of rats a few years ago. Both were, like me, strict vegans, with the healthiest diet you’d ever see a person (or rat) eat. One was pretty fat (like me), one was thin. Both gobbled down roughly the same amounts of food, as far as I could see. The fat one outlived the thin one by a considerable margin, too.

  4. Arwen Says:

    Dear Drive By Assholes –

    People who write blog posts on the internet are usually also able to READ.

    Anyone who has read any papers or magazines, or watched any news or talk TV at any time since 1980, is aware that people who have never been fat or have dieted outside their range are convinced fat people can just lose by cutting a couple hundred calories per day.

    If it were that easy we’d all be thin, you goddamned arrogant idiot.


  5. Arwen Says:

    PS: Oh, and by the way – fruits and veggies good, fat and simple carbs bad. Yeah, we got that memo too.
    Didja think it was rocket science?

  6. Lindsay B Says:

    ThoseWhoHaveComeToEnlightenUs, I have only one thing to say to your rat experiment:


    I would hope that’s obvious. Clearly, it isn’t.

    I have a box of pizza waiting for me in the kitchen right now, ordered because I haven’t eaten since noon and it’s almost eleven pm. I’m also exhausted from a five hour shift on my feet, no break, during a major Mother’s Day rush at work, and don’t feel like baking up the chicken I’ve got in the freezer.

    Know somethin’, ThoseWhoHaveComeToEnlightenUs? I AM losing weight. Eating McDonald’s, Pizza, baked chicken breast(with a dusting of lemon juice and dash of pepper, Mmm!), and WHATEVER THE FUCK ELSE I WANT. It’s no one else’s fucking business what I eat or what I do. Even if it WERE to make me ridiculously unhealthy(It doesn’t; all my vitals and checks during doctor visits show this), it STILL isn’t your business. Just like it isn’t anyone else’s business what my sexuality is, or what my preference in music is, or what kind of shoes I’m most comfortable in.

    Some people don’t have a problem expressing those preferences, but it’s no one else’s business to step in and “correct” what they disagree with. So don’t tell me, or anyone else, what they should/shouldn’t eat.

    (Sorry– it got long. v.v)

  7. Vixen Says:

    This is the kind of ignorant reasoning I heard a lot of when King County was talking about requiring food labeling (calories/fat/sat fat/sodium) for chain restaurants ’round these parts. (I realize that may be controversial on its own, but dammit, I want at least a ballpark idea of what they’re feeding me.) You would not believe how many people were all, “We don’t need this; who is so stupid they can’t tell that a salad is a healthier choice than a cheeseburger?” Is it? Is it REALLY? The legislation passed, and guess what? At several restaurants I ate at, the salads were some of the “least healthy” choices on the menu, at least in terms of calories and fat. These kneejerk assumptions about nutrition … they tire me. Iceberg lettuce, which is possibly what trolly had in mind, is devoid of meaningful nutrition. Whereas the humble potato is a nutritional powerhouse. You’d think someone TRULY concerned about educating you mighta done mentioned that. Oh, wait, that assumes they are genuinely concerned about your health, not merely out to shame the disgusting fry-snarfers of the world…………meh.

    • living400lbs Says:

      I first saw Red Robin’s nutritional info with some geeky guy friends (software professionals who play computer and D&D in their off time, go to scifi cons, stuff like that) and they immediately looked for “What has the most calories? Hey, why is the bbq chicken wrap the highest-calorie thing? Isn’t bbq sauce supposed to be low fat, and wraps…” They figured out that the bbq sauce has sugar and the deep-fried onions are not calorie-free but it took them a few minutes.

      The interesting thing was they were totally treating it like a math/science problem, NOT as “Oh, I should/shouldn’t eat this…”

  8. Kris Says:

    Amusingly, the first thing I thought of reading the rat ‘experiment’ is, like another commenter, the two pet rats I had – same litter, same diet (v. healthy, too – lots of fresh veggies and the occasional sardine or other oily fish for the omega 3, a few blueberries every day, plus a balanced rat kibble – although I did give them tiny amounts of EVIL dark chocolate once a day when they were older – helps with their breathing) and, you guessed it! One was skinny up until the day he died (and yep, he died first) and the other turned into a rolly-polly fatso and lived to a ripe old age – something like 6 months longer than his brother. (Which is forever in rat terms, since they only tend to live 2-3 years on average.)

    (The fat one wasn’t a complete couch potato, either – in fact when I got new boys and introduced them to the cage, he was the one who laid down the law and kept them in line, which required quite a lot of activity at times.)

    Actually, given that they were otherwise completely identical, it was pretty handy they had a size difference. 🙂 (Clearly, it was all down to the chocolate.)

  9. wriggles Says:

    I’m sorry, but your troll is an idiot.

  10. peggynature Says:

    Ummm…you’d actually be getting more complex carbs from the FRIES. Salad basically doesn’t have any.


    And your saying “congenital alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency” just totally made me hard.

  11. peggynature Says:

    (except for a smidgen of fibre.)

  12. Fellmama Says:

    As I read this, I was, no lie, finishing a lunch of a burger and fries. I hand-formed the patty and oven-broiled it on a roasting rack, basting it with a delicious (and incidentally, low(no?)-fat) barbecue sauce. I ate the burger on a bun with lettuce, tomato, onion, and a little ketchup. As for the fries, I cut up the potatoes, tossed them with olive oil, and oven-baked them.

    And cardboard iceberg lettuce with a shriveled little cherry tomato on the side is better for me . . . how?

  13. Bree Says:

    I wonder if The Enlightened One realizes that a salad with croutons, cheese, and regular dressing can equal the caloric amount of not only an order of fries, but a value meal, especially if you add meat, chicken, or shrimp to it.

    Which basically means, unless you’re drinking nothing but water and munching on carrot sticks or celery, your body is getting significant calories, which it needs to function. Otherwise, you’ll end up stupid like that troll. So eat everyone.

  14. Twistie Says:

    I would also just like to note here that potatoes are one of the best sources of potassium available, being second only to the banana.

    But bananas just don’t fry up nearly as crispy.

  15. spacedcowgirl Says:

    I like Bree’s final conclusion.

    Unfortunately we know the troll, when referring to “salad,” means plain lettuce and raw veggies with MAYBE some fat-free dressing, and is probably assuming that clueless fatties think “tiny amount of lettuce covered liberally with shredded cheese doused in ranch” means “salad” anyway. Basically, no matter how many prejudiced assumptions you debunk with these people, there’s another one waiting to pop up behind it. It’s a complex defense mechanism designed to ensure that they can always feel like they have done something, preferably LOTS of things, praiseworthy to become better and more moral than fat people, and that therefore their sense of superiority and exemption from viewing us as intelligent human beings is not only justified but practically mandated. (I particularly love it when self-righteous people say “I watch what I eat!” Good for you. So do I.) This particular illusion is REALLY important to their sense of self-worth, so shattering it is usually close to impossible.

    Fries every day or TWICE A DAY? THAT is what they assume about fat people? Between this crap and Supersize Me, I just about give up. Note to all trolls ever: NOBODY EATS LIKE THAT. I know it makes you feel better to believe that they do, but THEY DON’T.

    • living400lbs Says:

      I’m sure someone actually does eat like that, actually. But it’s not necessarily someone who is fat. One acquaintance has to eat ~5000 or so kcals / day to keep his weight above the “underweight” mark … he complains that a lot of veggies and fruit just don’t have enough calories.

      (Him and I in a hospital every-mouthful-measured-all-exercise-recorded situation might make an interesting PhD dissertation for someone, but, you know, they’d probably want to me to take more vacation time than I have.)

      • La di Da Says:

        I’ve had Health Police types be horrified at me that construction workers ate TWO bacon and egg rolls with hash browns and fried tomatoes for breakfast along with cheeseburgers++ and fries for lunch and big slabs of meat with plenty of sides covered in gravy or cheese sauce alongside snacks of more fries and doughnuts. (She actually listed all these things and was simultaneously righteously outrages and near-salivating at the same tims…)

        Yes, constructions workers, who are often large muscular men, doing manual heavy labour most of the day they’re on site are eating calorie-dense food then TO KEEP THEM GOING. OH NOS. Jebus. If they ate salads they’d have to eat about a dumpster full to get their calorie needs. Even someone who does something like retail or light factory work where they’re on their feet all day is going to need more calories than an average office worker because standing up and/or constant walking, even slow walking, takes more energy.


  16. Electrogirl Says:

    @Twistie: Do plantains have comparable potassium content to bananas? Because a friend of mine makes plantain chips that are to die for! I don’t care for most fried foods, but I looove her plantain chips. Maybe it’s the fact that she somehow manages to make them crisp but not greasy.

    And yes, Troll, you read that last sentence correctly. I, a Fattie, do not like most fried foods. I never did even as a child. My mom would get the hairy eyeball from other mothers in McDonalds when her little grade-schooler stepped up to the counter and told the cashier that she wanted a salad. (These days, she would probably be praised for teaching her child healthy eating habits, rather than glared at for ‘denying’ her child the pleasure of traditional childhood foods. Never mind the fact that Mom told me I could have what I wanted and I wanted a salad. Because I liked salads, and I still do.) Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I always feel a little sick after eating a meal high in fat. My body just doesn’t seem to process it well. And yet, I am fat and have been since I was a kid.

    On the other hand, my sister adores fast food of any and all varieties. She wears approximately a size 4, is quite slim, and cannot exercise heavily due to chronic pain.

  17. littlem Says:

    “Choosing the fries over a salad CAN mean 100 pounds or more.”

    What a visual. That’s as far as I got.

  18. Mary Sue Says:

    Can I have fries AND a salad? Because that would be AWESOME.

    (Actually, can I have tater tots and a spinach-microgreens salad with heritage tomatoes and cucumbers and honey dijon dressing? Pwease?)

    (Actually, I’m not hungry, so I’m not going to eat anything right now. OMG YES A FATTY PASSING UP FOOD! Look! There are chips on my desk and I’m not hoovering them into my face! Because *gaspshockhorror* fat people do not eat all the time.)

  19. meowser Says:

    I laughed out loud at the ‘rat comparison’ example (um, except for the part about feeding one of them soda — carbonated drinks will kill rodents!)

    OMG, Vidya, I did NOT know that. That just makes this post that much more Cream of Bizarre.

    Between this crap and Supersize Me, I just about give up. Note to all trolls ever: NOBODY EATS LIKE THAT. I know it makes you feel better to believe that they do, but THEY DON’T.

    I have a friend from college who used to eat McD’s that often when he first was living off campus and when he first graduated. He used to brag that he could find a McD’s blindfolded. And yes, you guessed it…thin as a flagpole. (He does have a lot more variety in his diet now, FWIW.)
    I had blissfullly forgotten about Mr. Spurlock when I wrote that, and yeah, I’m sure our friend gets zyr “information” about our alleged eating habits from that bit of anti-fat propaganda, a helluva lot more than ze gets it from actual fatties.

    (Actually, can I have tater tots and a spinach-microgreens salad with heritage tomatoes and cucumbers and honey dijon dressing? Pwease?)

    I like your taste in salad, Mary Sue!

    Good show, everybody.

  20. Bilt4Cmfrt Says:

    Gee. all these folks. Dropping knowledge on the subject, more specific, than TWHCTEM? It almost, kinda, seems like. . . WE’VE HEARD THIS ALL BEFORE. Whoops! Time to eat! What where we talking about again?

    I am slowly formulating an image of the Common Concern Troll as a gnarled, whiney, nagging semi-simian. With a propensity to keep nipping at our ankles because they’re so hungry/starved that they are no longer, even remotely, coherent. Those that may have retained any shred of intelligence are so afraid of, either us or becoming LIKE us, that they are instinctively driven to attack. . . For our own good, of course.

    I’m thinking: genus – Primate sollicitudo obsideo but my latin was never all that good.

  21. meegs Says:

    Hey, I’m a fat vegetarian who eats mostly vegetables, whole grains and nuts. Has someone been feeding me heaps fries while I’m asleep? Or maybe what I thought was tofu was really cookies. I don’t know, but I sure feel sorry for those confused rats. Or maybe I’m the one who’s confused… nope, wait, I’m still fat. Perhaps the french-fry gnomes were also feeding my fat mother and grandmother in their sleep as well! Well that explains it.

  22. Twistie Says:

    @electrogirl: I’m afraid I don’t happen to know the nutritional values of plantains right off the top of my head, but I do know that they are tasty. If you can find a way to share those plantain chips through the internetz I’d be forever grateful. Plantains are made of yum.

    Also, Mary Sue, when we’re both hungry and you’ve got that salad and tater tots ready, I think I’d like to come over for lunch. That’s good eatin’ there.

    Now I have to go off and figure out what to make for dinner tonight. No, it won’t be fries. I never eat them at home because I don’t deep fry things at home. I’ll probably do a romaine salad with pears, pecans, and a bit of stilton in a mild vinaigrette…possibly with some chicken breasts and a hunk of good, seedy wholemeal bread.

    • Fellmama Says:

      My mother always made fries the way I do–chop up some potatoes, toss with a little olive oil, bake at 375 for 30 minutes. No frying, total deliciousness.

  23. wellroundedtype2 Says:

    Sorry to hear about the troll you caught. It sounds like a nasty one. I hope you feel better soon.
    Perhaps an antiviral would help?
    That would be a great idea for a web site — an “anti-troll prescription.”
    Hope all is well down your way.

  24. Bumerry Says:

    I just left my pediatrics practice to take the kids to my fat friendly family doctor, after the ped concern trolled that Katie was at the 99th percentile for weight and only the 95th for height. The horror.

    Katie sat there kicking the table next to her thin twin brother who was lounging beside her staring at the ceiling. She had already demonstrated two lively dances to said doctor in ten minutes. I pointed out that Teddo eats hot dogs and baloney and plays video games, while Katie eats vegetables and fruits and never, ever stops moving.

    The ped said “We both know that can’t be true – calories in, calories out.” I confronted her for calling me a liar, and she blew me off.

    It just seems endless sometimes.

  25. meowser Says:


    WRT2, no need to worry about me. This one was pretty harmless, really.

    Buttercup, I’ve heard of that place, I think! Is it Primanti Brothers? Slaw and fries IN the sandwich?

    • buttercup Says:

      that’s a separate horror there, the Primanti’s sandwich. Hubs loves ’em, me, not so much. But the burgh is also well known for big green salads with veggies, steak or chicken, french fries, and melted cheese on top. (not a lot, but still…) Now that I can get behind, on occasion.

  26. slythwolf Says:

    I am seriously disturbed by hir suggested rat experiment. I was in a special math and science program in high school, and we did research projects one year; the people who wanted to use animals in their research had to fill out extensive forms to prove their experiments were humane in order to get government permission. It’s not cool to just purchase pets in order to experiment on them! It’s animal abuse! Rodents need a different diet to either your troll described–please, kids, don’t try this at home; feed your small animal pets a good-quality pet food designed for their species!

  27. shyvixen Says:

    Awesome post! I think I should print it out and keep it with me so I can refer to it if someone gives me a concern troll look the next time I go to Sonic.

    Tots and a strawberry slush – that’s one of my favorite treats.

  28. Kari Says:

    It’s amazing what people choose to see instead of actually, you know, EDUCATING themselves. For example, I eat more vegetables in a week than my boyfriend has probably has in his LIFE and he’s a scrawny fellow. Could it be genetics? I bet some troll’s going to either tell me I’m dipping all of them in mayo or something stupid like “vegetables make you fat”.

  29. DaisyDeadhead Says:

    that is if you are eating a salad with a modest amount of dressing

    DRESSING? The troll just ruined the salad. You are supposed to put Flaxseed oil and garlic on your salad, like I do. Just how many calories and fat grams are in that salad dressing, missy?!?!?

    I can womp on any calorie voodoo troll any day of the week! 😛

    But bananas just don’t fry up nearly as crispy.

    Elvis DEEP fried his, but that is just deadly… still, have you ever tasted deep fried bananas? MMMMmmmmMMMM! My grandmother loved them that way (and lived to be 87, despite being born in poverty and living the first decades of her life on potatoes and bacon-gravy, not to mention smoking for 35 years).

    There are x amount of cigarette smokers with lung cancer. They have developed lung cancer because it is within their genetic capacity to do so.

    I come from many generations of tobacco farmers, who smoked from the time they were IN UTERO (really) and started smoking in earnest AS CHILDREN, and never got lung cancer OR emphysema. They all died from other things. I have always wondered if tobacco farmers developed some strange immunities due to constantly working with tobacco leaves, so that is actually an interesting point. (Since these people were at the lowest end of the socioeconomic scale, nobody ever ran any tests on them.) We simply don’t know everything about genetics. There is SO much to learn.

    PS: Speaking of fries, ever heard of Poutine? French fries drenched with gravy and cheese, they love it up in Quebec. (John Travolta voice, from PULP FICTION: And I don’t mean a little bit on the side of the plate, they fuckin’ drown ’em in it.)

    And aren’t the Canadians all thinner than we are? 😉

  30. Fantine Says:

    The really funny thing about this troll’s stupid comparison of lung cancer among smokers is that people who get cancer–whether or not they ever smoked or have other habits that may have contributed to the condition–probably do have a genetic predisposition to developing cancer. That’s why doctors always ask about your family history and causes of mortality of your relatives. That’s why some people can lay out in the sun all summer and never get skin cancer, while people get skin cancer in their twenties when they can’t get a tan to save their lives (like my mom). That’s why some people can eat 5,000 calories a day and not gain an ounce, while others can restrict to 800 a day and never lose an ounce (like me as a teenager and young adult, although I certainly don’t do that anymore).

  31. Shannon Says:

    That entire comment does not compute.

    However now I want some fries.

  32. ann Says:

    When I was in Jr. Hi, we did a science experiment with rats to teach us about healthy foods. We fed one rat ‘ rat food’ and veggies, and one got nothing but marshmallows. Seriously. And guess which rat was healthiest? Yeah, marshmallow girl! My sis and I got to keep her when the school year was over, and she far and away outlived the other rat! Yeah, we fed her regular rat food once we took her home, but she also ate plenty of fudge when she’d escape her cage! Yeah, I hear the ‘less food – more movement’ crap all the time…. I just say ‘bite me’. Lol.

  33. NY Daily News “Fat-letes” Slide Show: Sports Entertainers of Size as Food/Eating Porn « fat fu Says:

    […] Comments NY Daily News … on FlamebaitArwen on I Caught a Troll! I Caught a …ann on I Caught a Troll! I Caught a […]

  34. sexetveritas Says:

    Ummmgh. I weigh 105 lbs, am 5’5″, and typically choose the fries AND the salad at any given meal where either would be an option. I’m sure some people much fatter than me have similar eating habits or choose one or the other.

    I don’t understand why people almost universally comprehend the idea that *some* skinny people eat a ton of food and never gain weight due to their metabolisms… but they can’t accept the converse reality that *some* fat people don’t eat a whole lot of food, yet they still remain fat due to their metabolisms.

  35. Sun Says:

    Not that we didn’t already know trolls are idiots, but I have something to contribute. Years ago a friend developed lung cancer and lost half of one lung because of it. Did he smoke? No. He was 12. His parents didn’t smoke either. And later in life, he BECAME a smoker, and guess what? NO CANCER! Almost everyone in my family is fat. As I’ve posted elsewhere on here, my mother died of stomach cancer last year. The docs say her FAT kept her alive 2 YEARS longer than they thought she’d live after she became unable to eat, and she was able to travel almost all of the two years. And she was almost 85 when she died. Her brother, a fat heart attack survivor, is 90. Go back under your bridge, Troll, you’re too stupid to be sucking up my oxygen!

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