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I’ve been wanting to do more aspie/autie/brain-related blogging lately, not necessarily related to fat.

So if you could, please let me know how you would feel about my writing about that stuff here at Fat Fu. I’m not adverse to the idea of setting up a separate aspie blog and in fact might do it anyway, but I’d be curious to take Fatospherians’ temperature on that. Would you say your response to that question would be closest to:

1) No — posts only belong on the Fatosphere if they at least tangentially relate to fat in some way. Putting non-fat-related brain stuff on a separate blog would be better.
2) Sure — blogging about being autistic counts as intersectionality, fire away.
3) Don’t really have a strong opinion in either direction.
4) Something else (feel free to specify).



34 Responses to “Quick Question”

  1. vesta44 Says:

    I vote for #2, but if you did an aspie blog, I’d read that one too.

  2. Kat Says:

    Option 1.

  3. living400lbs Says:

    I think it’s your blog, and would find it interesting regardless. However if you do a lot of aspie writing it might be easier to link with other aspies if it were a separate blog.

  4. Joie Says:

    I think intersectionality is really important. I’ve learnt so much from your writing about aspie issues just from being on the fatosphere feed. Being that I’m in an Allied Health field where I have to perform diagnostic tests on autistic children (very often aspie), your insights really help me consider their POV. (For example, I’ve started describing in detail everything I do before I do it, and explaining why I’m doing it if the kid is old enough.)

    I will read your aspie blog if you decide to write somewhere else, but just know that you’re reaching an audience here that you otherwise would not have and I feel that we’re all richer for it.

    Thank you for that. I know it’s not your job to teach us neurotypicals anything and I do appreciate your candid writing.

  5. Rikibeth Says:

    Hell yes, since I came here after your Aspie post on Shakesville, the one that made me say “holy shit that could be me.”

    Although I wouldn’t object if it were in another blog, as long as I could find it.

  6. wellroundedtype2 Says:

    #2 — I will read anything you write about, and if things intersect, great, and if they don’t, that’s okay too.

  7. Lindsay Says:

    #3. If you post ’em here, good times. If you post ’em elsewhere, good times (as long as you give us the link, natch).

  8. bri Says:


    If the majority of your posts are somehow fat related then I think they more than belong on the feeds and in the Fatosphere. If you choose to have some posts not related directly to fat then fine! I think there is always going to be an element of fat in what you right simply because you are fat…

  9. boobsihazthem Says:

    Honestly I’ve learned so much from non-FA posts in the FA feed, I think it is important that bloggers on the feed are able to blog about their other interests. Otherwise I think the feed runs the risk of having to repeat itself too often.

  10. Richelle Says:

    #2 – I came for the FA, I stayed for the meowser and all that entails.

  11. meerkat Says:


  12. BamaGal Says:

    I vote #2—I’d read anything you wrote. You could make watching paint dry interesting.

  13. Kat Says:

    I’ll echo the others, as long as I can find it, I don’t care where you post it. It’s your blog. Do what you want.

    I’d like to see you start an aspie feed for aspie blogs/blogs by aspies. I’m reading a lot of aspie/autism blogs, but there is no feed that I’m aware of.

  14. KellyK Says:

    Not every post on the fatosphere thread needs to deal with fat issues. As long as the majority of the blog does, I’d say it’s fine. I’d be interested in reading the aspie posts.

  15. sannanina Says:

    #2. As some of the others have mentioned – I learned a lot here.

  16. Jessica Says:

    #2 – especially since I didn’t realize that this was an “FA only” blog, I just thought it was Meowser’s blog.

  17. Rachel Says:

    Echo the vote for #2. I think it’s intersectional, but even if it’s not, it shows the wide diversity of the bloggers on the feed and how fat people don’t come in one (XXL) size fits all. I blog about ADD which on its face doesn’t appear to be related to fatness or eating disorders, but for me, they’re intricately linked in my past life experiences and who I am (there is a link between ADD and some eating problems).

  18. Knitty Says:

    Absolutely. My toddler is on the spectrum and it always gives me hope to read about those who are functioning at high levels.

  19. April D Says:

    2. Definitely. We all bring different perspectives to the FA feed and that intersectionality is vital I feel to broadening our views on how all of this life stuff ends up tangling together for “real people”. Some critics of the sphere suggest there isn’t enough diversity of minds as it is so I’d love to keep hearing about MORE topics outside of just the narrow range of “fat”; because I feel they are all intertwined anyways… 🙂

  20. Twistie Says:

    #2, definitely. I think it’s important to keep intersectionality on the table. FA is about being seen as people who happen to be fat instead of being seen entirely as our fat. That means that there will be dozens of ‘non-fat’ issues that affect our lives. That includes mental function as well as race, sexuality, physical abilities and limitations, economic/social status, family structure and relations, education, and all the other things that make us who we are.

    I came to FA to learn. I never imagined how much I would learn about topics that are not specific to fat. I want to keep learning.

    Teach me.

  21. Bilt4Cmfrt Says:

    #1. . . I’d probably track down and bookmark any fat fu / meowser related blog I could find, regardless. However, the Aspie post was a revelation I might have missed had it been elsewhere. So, I guess I’m more like. . .

    #2 Very few people are fat for the exact same reasons (Like you don’t already know this), so excluding life experience would probably be like erasing half the conversation. Meh on that. Maybe I’m a. . .

    #4 (Not being much help here, am I?) Most conversations don’t hold a ridged orbit around one subject all the time. We wander, we come back, sometimes we drift into entirely different subjects and stay there for a while. So, there is that.

    #3 Might as well address all the chads. Wouldn’t want any to turn up hanging.
    Nope. Not a 3. There are strong arguments for both.

    #4 Mowr Posts, Puleese! (Make that, no help what-so-ever)

  22. OTM Says:


    Unsurprisingly, I agree pretty much completely with Twistie.

  23. AliciaMaud Says:


  24. Obake Says:

    I’m a lurker, but I say #2, I think a little overlap is good. That said, I’d probably still read both blogs if you decided to separate them up. Up to you 🙂

  25. Fellmama Says:

    Another two here.

  26. Shannon Says:

    #2. Intersectionality FTW. I wanna see all the stuff. All of it.

  27. meowser Says:

    Thanks so much, everybody! I really appreciate it!

    And Kat (the second), try the Autism Hub.

  28. JenniLynn Says:

    No, I would likely unsubscribe if there was a post on that topic more than once in a blue moon.

  29. Tracey Says:

    I didn’t have time to read the other comments, but I don’t think anyone should be expected to break themselves into segments, and readers will benefit from the knowledge that nobody is JUST fat or JUST (insert race, gender, sexuality, disability status here). #2 all the way.

  30. canzibfeminist Says:

    I vote for #2. I’m a lurker and I love reading what you write because of how you write, not because you’re writing about life with fat.

  31. Kat Says:

    Thanks Meowser. THAT should keep me busy for a bit. It seems to be UK based. Haven’t had time to see if my favorites are on it.

  32. observer Says:

    I would say #1: Separate blogs all the way.

    Let’s face it, a good blog focuses on whatever theme it has, IMHO. Some reasons why:

    1.) To bury the “Aspie” stuff (posts) on a blog that primarily deals in “how to survive and flourish in a hostile world while fat” does neither justice.

    2.) Now, that does not mean the two topics will never meet: There will be overlap, but such overlap should be “on occasion” when it’s suitable. [“Overlap” should not be defined as “separate posts” but as “Oh, by the way…” within a Fat-O-Sphere topic.]

    3.) Now, if the real intent is to get information about AND attention directed toward an Aspie-specific blog written by you?

    Why do you think that “Blogrolls” exist?


    Signature/profile links?

    Yup: Getting the word out about “other interesting sites”. Periodic “Special” posts advertising a blog such as an Aspie blog and why it’s worth a look-see is NOT out of line; same with good categorization of the blogroll and/or a “Here are some more blogs you might want to look at…” statement.

    If you can get the approval of your co-blogger/co-Admins to “spread the word” in other ways than “Off-topic” postings at random intervals? That would help you more in the long run than anything else.

  33. Brigid Keely Says:

    Whether you blog here or someplace else about Aspie things I’d like to read it. I currently read your blog through the Notes from the Fatosphere feed, and it seems like a LOT of people on that feet blog about stuff that isn’t specifically about fat issues. But, they ARE fat, and it touches all of their lives, so it still kind of is about fatness. So your blog talking about brain things wouldn’t feel out of place, at least to me. However, if you start a second blog I will RSS it and read it. I like reading what you have to say.

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