Anyone Else Planning on Doing NaNoWriMo Next Month?

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I am. First time.

For anyone who doesn’t know, NaNoWriMo means “National Novel Writing Month.” The idea is you sign up (here) and during the month of November, you knock out 50,000 words, which amounts to about 5 or 6 double-spaced pages a day on average. Most people don’t finish. But enough do that the tradition continues, and since I’ve had this book (young adult novel) in my head for almost a decade, and it’s been nagging at me more and more lately, this might be a good time to get it going for real.

I actually had a near-miss on a different YA novel about 12 years ago; I was a finalist in a publishing contest with a book contract as the prize, and they didn’t pick a winner that year (they reserve the right not to). I revised it, got some more rejections, decided the problems were too big for me to fix, and gave up. Then I started to do some work on this book, brought my first few pages to a new writing group, and they got chewed up like an inexperienced tiger tamer. They told me it was awful, it stunk, kids wouldn’t like it, etc. So once again, I gave up. I’m good at that.

But it didn’t give up on me. All these years. So maybe that’s a fat hint that it’s mine to do, regardless of how it turns out. I am not going to say anything more about it (or offer it up for criticism, unless I have a specific question or issue I need help with), until I’m done with a first draft. I know better now.

So during the month of November, this blog will be on official hiatus. If you are doing NaNo and want to buddy up, feel free to leave me a message or email me privately.

20 Responses to “Anyone Else Planning on Doing NaNoWriMo Next Month?”

  1. littlem Says:

    Jeebus, help.
    Is it that time again already?

    You are kind of awesome and I didn’t know you were doing fiction. Rock on! And good luck!

  2. meowser Says:

    Thans, littlem.

  3. meowser Says:

    (And you are kind of awesome yourself. I hit send too fast.)

  4. bri Says:

    I am intending to do it… will have finished my Masters (last essay due this coming Monday) so I have no real excuse not to do it! I finished it in 2007 but not last year. I have a lot of ideas floating around so I hope I can get something happening with them!

    I think my name on there is scarlettheartt or scarlett_heartt

  5. meowser Says:

    I’ll look out for you there, Bri. I’m andeej.

  6. buttercup Says:

    I did it in 2005. And I finished. And I never went back and polished what is likely a very good story because I didn’t ever want to see it again. I’m starting to get back around to it now, it only took me four years, but I’ll never nanowrimo again. I’m not good at deadlines.

    I think you’ll be fine though. You’re prolific and a damn good writer at the same time. (sends virtual pencil sharpener and several pounds of coffee)

  7. Ruth Says:


    Thanks! I’m going to do it.

    Never heard of it, so thanks for the intro.

    Lots going on, but what the heck–I’ll give it a go.

    Good luck–this will be fun.

    My user name is RuthEileen.

  8. Shannon Says:

    I’m doing it again this year too. I wanna be your buddy Meowser anybody else too my username is CrankyShannon (imagine that.)

  9. meowser Says:

    Aw, Buttercup, thanks! (Guess I picked the wrong time to quit caffeine.) And congratulations on finishing.

    Eight times, Mary Sue? WOW!

    CrankyShannon, hahahaha. I’ll look for you, too.

  10. meowser Says:

    Ruth (who I found after spamtrap cleaning): I’m glad you want to try it, I’ll look for you, too.

  11. meowser Says:

    BTW, so far the only one of you I’ve found is Ruth. Bri and Shannon, I didn’t see you there.

  12. bri Says:

    I erred! My user name there is scarletwoman

    Sorry ’bout that!

  13. Ruth Says:


    Cool. I’m going to see if I can figure out the system over there and say, “hi”.

  14. Cassy Says:

    This is my fourth NaNo, and my first year as a Municipal Liason. My username’s misakyra. I’m sometimes a little slow to reply to messages/new buddies, but I get there eventually (kind of like my writing projects, really).

  15. meowser Says:

    OK, I just found Bri and Cassi. Thanks!

  16. Margo Says:

    My first! I’m blueberry_worrier over there. Because I’m small, round, and tend to fret.

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