Well, I Dood It

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I sent my letter to Sen. Wyden.

It should go out in Wednesday’s mail.

I sent it to the Washington, DC office.

I wrote it out in blue ink (PaperMate Eagle pen, not expensive, but not so cheap it leaks) instead of just printing it, figuring it might otherwise get lost among all the other black and white computer-generated pages. I printed, because my cursive looks like a first grader’s. (My handprinting at least makes it to fourth grade.) I used lined paper because I can’t write straight on unlined paper to save my life. (When I tried it, I actually wound up with part of a sentence on one piece of paper and part of it on another. Yargh.)

I made some minor changes (cleaned up an editing glitch in the second paragraph), but otherwise it’s what you saw here. It wound up being 5-1/2 handwritten pages (I print pretty big). I even put an extra stamp on the envelope, just in case.

Just reminding y’all, I’ve never, ever done this before. So if I can do it, so can you, if you think you might want to.

If I hear anything, I will update, even if it happens on my official blog hiatus next month.

10 Responses to “Well, I Dood It”

  1. lilacsigil Says:

    Well done! I write to my MPs a few times a year, and at least once it’s had results – there was a scheme to standardise disabled parking permits nationwide, which was fine, but it was going to remove people who could walk unaided or with a cane from the “disabled” category! Lots of people must have written, because that decision has now been reversed.

  2. PolyMath Says:

    Well done! I have written both of my senators and my congressmen about my concerns about how the costs of obesity will impact health care. You have motivated me and now I will write to Wyden as well.

  3. JoGeek Says:

    Well done! And you’re right. I’ve worked in a government office (state level) and handwritten letters DO get more attention. Form letters get put in a stack and ticked off as “for” or “against”. Handwritten letters get read and the specific concerns oftentimes filter through.

    Sort of a tangent, but the only way I can write on unlined paper is to trace the lines on a sheet of notebook paper with a black sharpie and put it underneath the unlined paper. If the stationary isn’t too thick the lines will show through enough to guide you without any evidence that you used a cheater :-).

  4. Melly Says:

    Oh noes! A hiatus???

  5. meowser Says:

    Lilacsigil, that must have been great, to know you made a difference.

    JoGeek, thanks for the tip! Maybe I’ll try that next time.

    Melly: Yep, see here.

  6. meowser Says:

    Polymath, I approved your comment because I wanted to ask you what you meant by “costs of obesity [impacting] health care.” I mean, you do realize that the letter I wrote argues pretty much exactly against the idea that weight loss equals fewer health expenses, do you not? I haven’t racked up a single doctor (or therapist) visit in all my 46 years that would have been prevented by dieting. Not one.

  7. littlem Says:

    / / /

    Five pages? Wow.
    Do be prepared for the LD or one of the LCs to read it, so if you call the office to follow up you’ll probably be speaking to one of them.

  8. meowser Says:


    Please forgive my stoopits, but what’s an “LD” or “LC:?

    • littlem Says:

      LD= Legislative Director
      LC= Legislative Correspondent

      I really don’t think you’re the “stoopits” one at all here. I did that thing again where I assume that if someone knows me they automatically know what ALL the acronyms I use are and what they stand for. Sorry about that. *blushface*

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