Aaaand We’re Back! (sort of)

meowser-48.jpg posted by meowser

Okay, so first: Congratulations to everyone on Team Fat for NaNoWriMo, all 5 of whom (including yours truly) finished their 50,000 words!

If you NaNoed, feel free to use this thread to tell me what you’re doing next with your magnum opi. (Heck, if you didn’t NaNo and you have a magnum opus, you can join in too, if you want.)

Me, I’m zoning out for a few days, then (dirty little secret time) doing the sweaty work of putting my scenes in sequence, because I…wrote them all (except for the first two) OUT OF ORDER. Yes, that is how Not So Little Miss Right Brain rolls. I put my scenes on index cards (writing new cards whenever a scene idea occurs to me and I don’t have time to write it just then), then I write wherever my energy is going that day. That means a lot of jumping around.

Yes, you are allowed to write that way if you want to! Nobody’s going to stop you! (My favorite NaNo FAQ: “Can I write one word 50,000 times?” Oh, just guess what the answer is to that one. Can you imagine trying to explain that to the people you live with?) I have given myself the gift of not showing anyone my work until I feel like I’ve gone as far with it on my own, or even telling very many people the subject matter. I had to learn that particular “shooting my wad” lesson the hard way, I’m afraid.

So…I don’t know how much blogging I’m going to be doing from here on out. Some, probably, but I can’t quit or take leave from my job, and Remeron makes me dead to the world for 9 or 10 hours a day, and this book has been in my head in one form or another for at least the last 8 years, and I’m not gonna live forever…I’m sure you understand. But I’m still on the fat feeds, so if I do blog, it will show up there.

Oh, here’s an interesting bit of news: My psychiatrist has been so blown away by what I have to say about my experiences with Asperger’s that he has, with my advance permission, been bringing interns in to our sessions, and they have been knocked on their keisters too. So much so that he has asked me to do a presentation with him about it at a local hospital later this month! This will be my first public speaking gig, and I’m sure I will be sweating piss pellets once I start getting close to the date, which is right before Xmas. So, anyone who has done public speaking and wants to leave their bons mots about their experiences in comments, or write to me about it…blaze away.