HAES-Related Aside

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Regarding the ever-raging To HAES Or Not to HAES debate…all I’m gonna say right now is that, as broke as I am, I would pay good money to watch Amanda Marcotte walk up to Linda Bacon, look her straight in the eye, and tell her that she (Linda) doesn’t understand science. Now that would be a showdown for the ages, yes?

For the record, Linda Bacon’s book (which I doubt Amanda has even seen, let alone read) contains over 400 footnotes for its 265 pages, and almost all of them are to peer-reviewed papers in medical or scientific journals. If that’s not enough citations for Amanda, I think I know who the “denialist” is here, and it ain’t Linda. Or Paul Campos, or Glenn Gaesser, or Kate Harding, etc., etc., etc. Do people really think the HAES crowd just pulls their conclusions out of their asses fully formed, without having read any of the relevant medical or scientific literature?

And thanks to Tasha Fierce for reminding us once again that HAES and fat acceptance are not one and the same and that fatties have a perfect right to reject it, or any form of making yuppie healthism any kind of priority. However, I also wanted to mention that as far as I’m concerned, any definition of HAES that means doodley squat has to include mental health, or it’s incomplete. In other words, if the way you eat now would horrify the yuppie healthists but keeps your noggin from becoming completely unglued, that’s HAES too.

Carry on.

18 Responses to “HAES-Related Aside”

  1. living400lbs Says:

    I gotta say I love this 🙂

  2. sleepydumpling Says:

    The one I heard today was a GP stating that “Fat patients are like men who beat their wives or alcoholics – in denial.” FFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!

    • Meowser Says:

      Yeah, which of those things is not even remotely like the others, unless you think I run around sitting on people and asphyxiating them? Gargh.

  3. wriggles Says:

    This has been one of the biggest surprises of FA that this has been framed as about science. I’d already concluded that if you were remotely interested in science, most of the obesity canard was a dead duck.

    I changed my tune a bit when I realised this is now the lingua franca of modern discourse and although Marcotte isn’t impressed, for some people it has given them a way into grasping FA.

    I suppose I kind of feel similarly about HAES, it is and has been important for people to understand that fat people can be healthists too. It is important to say that it is possible to live according to the rules and still be fat on all sides, that after all is the story of most fat people.
    The issue has been one of dominance (of this view).

    I hope this “bad/good fatty” nonsense doesn’t go into reverse and the latter becomes the “baddie” and the former the “goodie” that would be equally tiresome.

    • Meowser Says:

      I don’t know, I think that sounds way in the future. As I’ve said before, as far as the outside world is concerned, the only “good fatty” is the one who’s going all-out to try to get thin. The rest of us, all of us, even the bike-riding vegans, are teh suxxor if we remain fat.

      • living400lbs Says:

        As I’ve said before, as far as the outside world is concerned, the only “good fatty” is the one who’s going all-out to try to get thin.

        …and who actually gets thin, or at least, thinner.

      • wriggles Says:

        I meant within FA! The good bad thing mainly matters, or is even noticeable, to us.

        But it’s an interesting point to consider, could there be a mainstream good fatty?

        Usually that comes up for the purposes of divide and conquer.

        As you say, one for the future.

  4. spoonfork38 Says:

    ” . . . if the way you eat now would horrify the yuppie healthists but keeps your noggin from becoming completely unglued, that’s HAES too.”

    I love this. I love this so much.

  5. buttercup Says:

    Just popping in to draw some puffy hearts with glitter all over one of your all-too-infrequent posts. 🙂 I miss you!

  6. buttercup Says:

    (also, I enjoyed the content. And am mulling over the bad/good fatty thing in my head and have been for some time as it’s an ongoing issue for me)

  7. Patsy Nevins Says:

    RE: Sleepy Dumpling’s comment…it reminds me of Sesame Street…”which of these things is not like the others?” INDEED. In what world is being fat the same or as bad as being physically/emotionally abusive or an alcoholic? In the world in which this GP apparently thinks that it is just fine to be abusive toward fat people.

    • meowser Says:

      Heck, even being an alcoholic really is not in the same class as being an abuser. As long as you’re not insisting on doing anything while impaired that could injure other people, it’s not even close. (Although, of course, some abusers use alcohol as a fuel…but even so, the problem there is the abuse, not the drinking itself.)

  8. Sniper Says:

    Amanda Marcotte continues to be what she has always been: a self-serving careerist who cannot fathom that she might have unexamined prejudices. I gave up on Pandagon years ago for precisely that reason.

    • Des Says:

      I’m with Sniper I’m afraid. I had to abandon Pandagon as an unsafe space a long time ago due to unexamined privilege – racism, ableism, and other similar issues.

      Here’s me being really unsurprised to see this now too.

  9. The Darby Crash Says:

    I want to sit on and asphyxiate Meme Roth! Is that so very wrong? [Tergasso Taylor voice]

  10. meowser Says:

    I’m not familiar with Tergasso Taylor. And no, I don’t advocate that violent acts be performed on her, that’s bad juju.

    If someone could set up a box near her microphone to devowelize her, though, that would be good enough for me. I can just see it now: “Ft ppl r cstng m mny, ls wght lrdy, ftsss.” Even better, if you can eliminate the “y”s.

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