Blogaversary and News — Me at Basket of Kisses

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I’ve never done a “blogaversary” post here, but since I’m at the 3-year mark exactly today of posting here AND I have some news (not n00z, mind you!), I thought I’d toss some confetti in the air today. Whee!

FatFu, who founded the blog who bears her name, invited me to blog here 3 years ago, and it’s been an amazing growth experience. And like I said earlier, I’ll probably still post here from time to time and this blog will remain on the feed (and eventually, maybe Fu herself will post too).

But today I was offered, and accepted, the opportunity to blog at Roberta and Deborah Lipp’s fabulous Mad Men site, Basket of Kisses! (Yes, they’re back up; they had a server crash a few months ago and are in the process of restoring as much as they can.) We’re gearing up for the Season 4 premiere, which is June 25 (on AMC, Sundays at 10 PM Eastern and Pacific, 9 PM Central, 11 PM Mountain, in case you’ve never been a viewer before).

Deb and Roberta are truly righteous individuals who were Shapely Prose regulars before starting BoK (and still pop in from time to time), and they’ve created one of the few blogs around where MM is discussed from a feminist perspective. (They do partial feeds only, though, so keep that in mind if you’re adding it to a reader. I’m one of those dorks who reads everything by bookmarks, so I don’t care.)

They can get reeeaallly busy over there, especially when new episodes are airing. So it remains to be seen how this will eat into my fattyblogging time. But I do hope you’ll join me there, whether you’re a Maddict or just browsing.

5 Responses to “Blogaversary and News — Me at Basket of Kisses”

  1. Dee Says:

    Congratulations on the new gig, and I hope you occasionally still post to the Fatosphere!

  2. DebraSY Says:

    Meowzer! What great news. I LOVE Mad Men. Of course, I’m a season behind. My husband and I get it on Netflix (he’s cable/satellite hostile and I’m TV indifferent). But I can’t imagine a better pairing. What’s your connection with Mad Men? Are you a writer? I’m just dumbfounded that one of my favorite bloggers and favorite TV shows are somehow connected!!

    Sorry, I’ve been away from the blog for a long time, by the way. Long, boring story. But when I saw you over at BFB, I was reminded to come visit, and what a loverly surprise!

  3. Meowser Says:

    Yeah, I’m a writer. But more to the point, Mad Men is one of my aspie obsessions. Plus I was actually alive during the ’60s (albeit very young) and thus remember certain aspects of it very well. I was kind of a regular over at BoK and when they put out a call for new writers, I jumped on it. It’s really fun, so far. Once you get caught up, maybe I’ll see you there!

  4. mo pie Says:

    Congrats, Meowser, that’s so awesome! (And so are you.) I love Mad Men!

  5. Meowser Says:

    Thanks, Mo! Heart pingback to you too!

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