Happy Musical Blast From the Past: The Rubberband Man

meowser-48.jpg posted by meowser

Because I thought we could all use one. I know I could.

This is a live performance of the 1976 smash hit (#2 pop, #1 Hot Soul in Billboard) by the Spinners (The Detroit Spinners in the UK) featuring the late, magnificent Philippe Wynne on lead vocal, as shown on the 1970s US TV series, The Midnight Special. According to The Billboard Book of #2 Hits (yes, such a thing exists, although they only did it once), Thom Bell and his lyricist, the late Linda Creed, wrote it to cheer up Bell’s son, who was being picked on at school for his weight. It’s all about a “short fat guy” who uses a giant rubberband to make funky music. (Lyrics here.) Check out the rubberband dance action at the finale!

One Response to “Happy Musical Blast From the Past: The Rubberband Man”

  1. DebraSY Says:

    Thank you for that story about Rubberband Man. Cool. I saw the Spinners live once — early 1980s in a fancy hotel showroom. I shook hands with two of them.

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