About Notes from the Fatosphere

I have not been able to manage the fatosphere feed for some time, and Bri from Fat Lot of Good was kind enough to take over its management. If you would like to be added to the Notes Feed or the Fat Chat Feed please see her blog.

– fat fu

19 Responses to “About Notes from the Fatosphere”

  1. How can i help you? | BABble Says:

    […] themselves… not the actual RSS feeds for the blogs. Fat fu already has the incredibly awesome Notes from the Fatosphere pipe set up, and i have no intention of reinventing that particular wheel. Mad props to her for […]

  2. thoughtracer Says:

    Can you add me to your blogroll? http://www.thoughtracer.wordpress.com

  3. chaoticheartt Says:

    Is there any way of getting more than the last 20 entries on the feed? Sometimes more than 20 are posted while I am away from the computer but I can only seem to access the last 20 posted and it is a PITA to go through every blog listed (on the Master list) and see if I have missed anything. I love the feed by the way, it is one thing I every day!

  4. fatfu Says:

    chaotic – yeah I’ve been trying to fix this problem, something changed at Google Reader in where the feed linksout to, so that the current page is pretty useless. In the meantime I posted a link above you can use to see all the old posts.

  5. FA Blogs link list update at BABble Says:

    […] fat acceptance blogs out there. Oh, but those are just the ones i’ve found (or snagged from fat fu’s fatosphere feed, heh); i’m almost certain i’ve missed a bunch […]

  6. corinna Says:


    I just moved my blog from Blogger to self-hosted and I think I got dropped from the Notes. Just to make sure here is my feed:

    Would you check please?



  7. Ducky Says:

    My blog has fallen off the feed and hasn’t been able to get back up for the last three days. Is there anything I can do?

    Thanks for the help!!

  8. La di Da Says:

    Just in case anyone wondered, my blog’s now moved to http://www.fatomatic.net/ and the feed is http://www.fatomatic.net/feed/. (I’ve emailed FatFu.)

  9. April Says:

    This answered my questions! I was curious about this. Thanks.

  10. Ducky Says:

    Hello, again. I just wanted to let you know that my blog appears to have fallen off the feed again.

    Thanks for your help!

  11. babble » Blog Archive » Update: Links page, sidebar bits, and other random things. Says:

    […] Notes from the Fatosphere. You know it, you love it; it’s the first feed we had, and fat fu gets mad props for getting it up, rolling, and keeping it running all this time. […]

  12. Okay, so… « Name Pending Says:

    […] I enjoy the ability to cook things everyone can eat), to pretty much anything that comes up on the Notes from the Fatosphere RSS feed thingie.  I feel like I might have something worthwhile to say– or, possibly, I’m just looking […]

  13. You Are Wellness » Hello, Fatosphere!-News, Blogs and Tips about Health, Fitness & Dieting Says:

    […] I am so excited to have the Body Love Wellness Blog join the Notes from the Fatosphere Feed! […]

  14. Cree Says:


    I’ve sent a few e-mails over the course of two months asking to be put on the feed, but have gotten no reply. I just wanted to comment here in case those e-mails haven’t made their way to you. Please let me know something. 🙂 Thank you.


  15. Hortus Deliciarum » Blog Archive » Fixing Myself Says:

    […] was startled to find myself on the Fatosphere feed yesterday as I skimmed over my communities list on LJ. I’d asked to be added (albeit just […]

  16. Kell Brigan Says:

    So, is *anyone* in the “Fatosphere” going to talk about Obama’s “call” for fat people to “eat right and exercise”?


  17. meowser Says:

    Kell, I find it rather, shall we say, interesting that you are more interested about hectoring us about what we’re not doing (in my case, visiting family I haven’t seen in more than a year and being mostly off the grid) than in doing it yourself. I am sure that if you wanted to reinstate your blog, it would be no problem getting it back on the feed (via Bri of Fat Lot of Good, who’s handling the feed now), since you were on it in the first place.

    For me, this is just same-shit-different-verse from Obama. Let him propose specific policy that actually has a chance of being passed into law, and then I’ll have something to say about it.

  18. Fat Feed Rejects « Two Zaftig Chicks Says:

    […] were a little bit more PC than Sylvia and I tend to be. But that was ok, because I had read in the FAQ that you can filter your posts by keywords, so only our relevant serious fatty posts would go […]

  19. Secret Eaters: Please Don’t Care What I or Anyone Else Thinks « Fatlete Says:

    […] up a copy of a good HAES book (such as Lessons From the Fat-O-Sphere), OR find the Fat-O-Sphere blogroll OR watch this video because it is filled with […]

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